How would it feel to be able to run your business from Facebook, in just a few hours a week without feeling stressed or worrying about money?

What would that look like for you?

  • More time with your family
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Regular income that you can both predict and rely on
  • Feeling in control
  • Not worrying about how you're going to pay the bills this month
  • ENJOYING what you do - earning money by being you and loving every minute of it

My Facebook Mastermind will show you exactly what you need to do be doing on Facebook to attract clients to you, so that you don't have to go searching for them.

With step by step bite sized tasks and support from myself and others on the same journey, you will never feel stuck again! With 30 short videos, worksheets, templates etc you can cover this programme intensly over a weekend or take your time and complete it over several weeks…the choice is yours!

You have access forever so be safe in the knowledge that you can run it again and again…

What you learn here will change your life and shape your business into one that you've always dreamed of running.

Why listen to me?

Joan Strachan is a business growth strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow their audience and find their ideal clients and customers using Facebook organically.

With a social media following of thousands, Joan implemented a five-figure launch of her signature programs within her first two months of business. Previous to this, she got to the top of not one, but two, Network Marketing companies all whilst working from home around her young children (she had all three in one year!), supporting her mother through vascular dementia, and coping with the loss of both parents.

A sought-after presenter, Joan has spoken at organizations such as Women In Business, Business Gateway, and Mothers In Business Association trained 700+ people in group settings and spoken overseas several times in front of 3000+ entrepreneurs. She was recently featured in Fabulous, the most read magazine by women in the UK.

Here's what some of the others are saying:

I would love to work with you & teach you everything you need to know to build a successful business on Facebook

  • Know your ideal client better than ever before! You only want to connect with the perfect clients/customers, so this is the best place to start.
  • Set up your profile and page for success using my proven techniques that have led me to grow hugely successful businesses on Facebook.
  • Master live video, and not just master it but learn to LOVE it and make it work for you! (Yes, I know you're nervous about this but trust me, it works.)
  • Write amazing content that Facebook will love - when Facebook loves your content it is shown more widely and attracts more clients to you.
  • Be shown my special techniques to grow a successful and PROFITABLE Facebook group, this is going to be HUGE for you. This includes an amazing Facebook hack which will save you lots of time or paying for a VA.
  • Run your group in the best way to get maximum engagement and post consistently.
  • Learn how to use stories and all the other tools on offer effectively.
  • Connect with the ideal clients that we got to know earlier on in the course in a really personal way, which will position you as the go-to expert in your niche.
  • Have access to all of my tips and tricks to manage your friends list, learn how to user reviews to grow your business, get clear on your goals and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Get support from myself and a bunch of likeminded entrepreneurs in the Facebook Mastermind Group every step of the way, you're not on your own - you're part of my family now!


30 short actionable videos with bite-sized tasks teaching you how to master Facebook and grow a hugely successful business

Support and help from myself in the FB Mastermind Group for - (your new bestie!) for 3 months

Annual Access to the entire program so you can take it as often as you wish (there is a lot of value in there!)

Network with other amazing business owners

Gain access to all the worksheets and templates helping you to stay on track

Pick up the FULL Mastermind today!

Pay In Full


Full Access To The Facebook Mastermind

Pay in Once Forgot About it!

7 X Monthly




Full Access To The Facebook Mastermind

Still be able to make your business work now!


"Joan is the perfect coach/mentor/partner"

Not many people can build a business network into a hugely successful endeavour while all the while working from home and bringing up three small children at the same time

Jamie MacPherson, MacP'roperty Service Accomodation


From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

I highly recommend Joan. I've followed her for years, watching her do various projects and businesses on Facebook, so when she posted about the 5 day challenge I thought 'Why not?'. In those 5 days I have learned so much about how to grow my business.

Louise Wilson, Business Owner at TGC2


Joan made me feel very comfortable

I booked a session with Joan to review how I'm using Facebook for my business. Wow - what Joan doesn't know about using social media for your business really isn't worth knowing! I can't recommend her highly enough.

Fay Blakey, Business Consultant


Her enthusiasm for all things Facebook knows no bounds!

I had a 1:1 session with Joan last week and not only was it fun, it was super helpful! She's knowledgeable, was keen to help me improve my Facebook profile so it can be finely tuned to my ideal clients, and added loads of value! Thank you Joan!

Claire Dimes-Sewell, Director of Swellcoach


I feel blessed to have found her​

Joan is an amazing woman! Truly inspirational, genuine, motivational and helpful. Prepare to step outside your comfort zone and watch your business grow. I guarantee that you will NOT find another mentor like Joan. I feel blessed to have found her.

Katherine Mackie - CEO Holistic Harmony


Left buzzing with ideas, actions and reignited enthusiasm for my business​

Just attended the MIBA Event with this wonderful and inspiring woman as the guest speaker! What a cracking lady, with boundless levels of energy and enthusiasm! Left buzzing with ideas, actions and reignited enthusiasm for my Business! Thank you Joan!

Kelly Forrest - Director at Forrest Training Ltd.

If you haven't seen any results after 30 days having evidence of completing all tasks then you'll get your money back!

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